beautiful orchid

Rhynchostylis gigantea purple with botch white color blooming in the garden.

Orchid is a charming species of Orchid. It belongs to the genus Arundina. This tropical orchid flower is available in several regions such as India, Sri Lanka, China, and Singapore. The other name of the flower is Arundina Graminifolia. The Orchid flowers are light pinkish. The plants are taller. Because of this height, they got the name bamboo orchid. The flower stems will have several flowers at a time. For extended periods flowers are thus present on the stem. That is to say; the flower has a similarity with Cattleya orchid types.

The beautiful flowers are available plenty in summer and autumn time. Most importantly, the flower cluster can even contain ten flowers at a time. The Bamboo flowers are 5 to 8 cm in diameter. Inside the white disc, they have purple-colored beautiful lips. The leaves of the plant are linear. There are two varieties of this same plant. The color variants with little differences are also available in the species.

The excellent color combination and the beautiful arrangement of petals give the flower an impressive look. In conclusion, bamboo orchid deserves their place on the list of top ten most beautiful orchids in the world.

They like high light: 2000-3000 footcandles is ideal, similar to the low end of Cattleya lighting. In nature, they commonly grow in direct sunlight. As long as the lighting isn’t too dim you’re probably fine. If it doesn’t bloom, try increasing the lighting.

You’ll get the best results growing them at warm temperatures, 75-85°F (24-29C) during the day with a drop of 10-15°F (6-8C) at night. It’s OK if the temperature varies more widely than this; they can actually withstand mild freezes occasionally, though it’s quite stressful for them. Any temperature that’s reasonably comfortable (or a bit hot and muggy) for humans is going to be fine for bamboo orchids.

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